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Black Wonder 5000 Customer Testimonials

Take it from our customers, a great product speaks for itself.

"More fruit than I've ever seen!"

Before we added Black Wonder 5000 to our garden it would have taken a full row to produce half a bushel of beans. Since we started using Black Wonder 5000 it only takes 1/4th of a row to fill a one 1/4 bushel basket.

When we planted our black beans before Black Wonder 5000 it took two weeks for seeds to germinate. With Black Wonder 5000 it only takes eight days and two waterings!

Our fruit trees and bushes have more fruit than I have ever seen. We added Black Wonder 5000 before the spring. We planted new concord grapes the year before and saw little growth, but with Black Wonder 5000 the plants have almost doubled in size in the past months.

At PM Farms we highly recommend using Black Wonder 5000 for all of your garden needs.
Sara Hushbeck
Owner of PM Farms

"I won't ever consider planting without Black Wonder 5000!"

I had built a new home and at the back of my property I wanted to plant trees and shrubs as a break between me and the home behind me. I assume because of the grading and lack of top soil, it was impossible for me to get anything to grow. I spent a small fortune on trees and shrubs from several nurseries in the area with the same results each time. They all simply died!

I spoke with my friend Johnny Sides who I knew to be an expert in planting, seeding and landscaping. I explained my situation to Johnny and he told me exactly what to do and if I followed his instructions the plants would thrive.

Johnny’s company had developed and manufactured a product called “Black Wonder 5000” and he instructed me to mix one bag of “Black Wonder 5000” with the dirt from each hole I had dug for each tree. The ground was so hard I literally had to rent a track hoe to dig the holes. But I done exactly as I was instructed!

Much to my surprise, not only did every single tree and shrub live but took off like they were super charged. I won’t even consider planting without “Black Wonder 5000” . It’s a small price to ensure healthy growing plants, trees and shrubs. I will be glad to tell anyone that asks.”
Stacy Hennessee
Winston Salem, NC

A 12 foot okra plant!

This picture is me standing in my 2018 okra patch. The okra grew 12 feet tall. I had to use a ladder to pick it!
Jones Abernathy
Landscape Architect

Get results like Jones with Black Wonder 5000!

Okra Farming with Black Wonder 5000