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Planting Specifications

Tree, Shrub, Flower, & Vegetable Planting Specifications

      • 1. Black Wonder 5000 Soil Builder. ( Bagged or bulk fully composted barnyard manures and fully composted organics; fortified with natural soil enzymes, humic/folic acid, beneficial root fungi, vermiculite/permatill expanded slate/sand, kelp seaweed extract, amino acids, powdered lobster and crab shells, natural minerals, gypsum/lime, all natural polymers, and natural beneficial bacteria.
      • 1.1 Fertilizer. Balanced 18-18-18 with 50% nitrogen from a 3-month slow-release source.
      • 1.2 Lime. Dolomitic or calcium as specified by soil test.
      • 1.3 Aggregates. Sand, perlite, vermiculite, expanded slate as specified by soil test.
      • 1.4 Mulches. Aged organic mulch, free from deleterious materials and suitable as a top dressing for plants, selected by owner or architect. (See Schedule)
      • 1.5 Stakes & Guys.
        • Stakes: Wooden stakes 2″x2″ x 2′ long. Free of knots, holes or defects and pointed on one end.
        • Guy Strapping: Soft pliable nylon strapping 1″ wide.
      • 2.0 Execution of planting.
      • 2.1 Site visit, utility location, planting layout, soil preparation, excavation. All areas must be to grades specified by engineer and positive drainage established before landscape work begins. Contact locating service and otherwise verify all utilities, (drainage, water, gas, electrical, phone, cable, fiber-optic, and other locations). Notify owner of conflicts with utilities. Minimum grade is 2% or 2 ft. fall every 100 ft. with no standing water.
      • 2.2 Stake planting locations. Lay out individual plant locations and areas for planting, Stake locations, outline areas, and secure owner’s approval before beginning planting work. Make minor adjustments required by field conditions. Determine utility locations and adjust locations to avoid utility damage. Do not plant trees in swales, easements, or right of way.
      • 2.3 Plant Planting – (See Planting Details)
      • A. Add soil amendments as listed and per soil test.

      Black Wonder 5000: (4) 1.5 cu. ft. bags per 100 s.f. area which is 96 cu. yards per acre. This will be approximately 1 inch of Black Wonder 5000 on top of beds before mixing in. Goal is to bring the organic matter up to at least 6%. More is better. If you have good local fully composted barnyard manures and organics, you can mix (7) 5 gallon buckets of Black Wonder 5000 Soil Enhancer/Activator with 96 cu. yds. of good local material to achieve the desired results. (1) 5-gallon bucket per 14 cu. yds. of local organics.

        • Fertilizer 1# per 100 sq. ft. or 450# per acre.
        • Lime. Type and amount by soil test recommendations.
          • Note: Bulk Black Wonder 5000 has some lime/gypsum mixed in.
        • Aggregates. Determined by soil test. May be needed in heavy clay soils.
          • Note On Aggregates: Black Wonder 5000 contains some aggregates. The goal is to make a loam type soil. Aggregates can be permatill expanded slate, perlite, vermiculite, sand, or ground rock.
      • B. Till all of above amendments to consistency of potting soil into the top 6′ – 8′ of existing soil. (See Plant Detail) Prepare tree planting pits.
      • C. Plant per details. (See Plant List & Plan)
      • D. Mulch per schedule.
      • E. Water well.
      • F. Notify owner of poorly drained areas and correct before prepping beds or pits and planting.
      • 2.4 Tree and shrub pruning after planting.
        • A. Prune, thin and shape trees and shrubs as directed by best nursery practices established by American Association of Nurserymen.
        • B. Prune, thin and shape trees, and shrubs according to best horticultural practice by removing damaged or crossing branches, small double leaders, water sprouts, suckers, and dead or damaged limbs. Pruned tress must retain the required height and spread, leaving the normal shape of plant intact. Do not cut tree leaders. Prune shrubs to retain natural character. Tree and shrub sizes indicated are sizes after pruning.
      • 2.5 Tree staking and Guying.
        • A. Upright staking and Tying: Stake all trees. Use a minimum of 3 stakes of length required to penetrate at least 12 inches below bottom of tree pit and extend at least 6 inches above grade. Set stakes to avoid penetrating balls or root masses. Support trees with nylon strapping guys. Allow enough slack to avoid rigid restraint of tree. Attach flags to each guy, 30 inches above finish grade. Stakes are to be driven in at 45-degree angle so as to not pull-out. Strapping attached to stake below ground level.
      • 2.6 Guarantee plants to live 1 year provided owner provides proper watering and maintenance per good horticulture practices.

Landscape architects, designers, and civil engineers if you would like to adapt all or part of these specs for your use. Call our office 336-249-8300 and we will email you a word file so you can change the specs anyway you like. 

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