The Story of Black Wonder 5000

Founded in the heart of North Carolina, improving topsoil all over the United States!

Johnny Sides

From a little boy playing in the dirt, farming alongside his dad, to the man who pursued a degree in the science of soil management and crop production and became a business owner in 1978.

Alongside his wife Susan, they started Sides Seeding from a barn in their backyard with one tractor and a truck.

In 2018, Sides Seeding accepted a job at a rock quarry and Johnny knew it would be an uphill battle to achieve his standard of grass. Due to the poor soil conditions, his level of perfection would be hard to achieve. 

Johnny consulted with his friend David Winters, a soil scientist that he met 15 years prior to help him improve the soil at the rock quarry. He was determined to get the results he was looking for. 

The miracles of enzymes & polymers..

David introduced Johnny to the miracle of enzymes and polymers in soil building. Sides Seeding became David’s testing grounds. After many trials, we experimented with mixing composted barnyard manures with the plant/soil enzymes and polymers. 

Something almost magical happened when we mixed the right ingredients. At this moment, Johnny’s expression was “We have hit the mother load!”. 

To aid in their experiments, Johnny brought in Jones Abernathy, a landscape architect, and Tim Holder, Johnny’s son. They all worked together to experiment with other ingredients that would drastically improve soil and produce remarkably healthier plants!

Black Wonder 5000 Soil Builder was born!

After years of trials, Johnny and his team perfected the right combination of ingredients! They named the invention “Black Wonder 5000 Soil Builder”. The name says it all. It’s black, it’s wonderful, and it does within one year what Mother Nature takes 5000 years to accomplish, to build a strong base of topsoil!

There is no other product that they could find that would build topsoil and produce the quality of plant that they were producing with Black Wonder 5000 Soil Builder. It was time to find a way to bring this miracle product to other farmers, gardeners, and green thumb!

The answer to shipping limitations and the birth of our product line.

The Black Wonder 5000 team quickly realized that there were various limitations and expenses involved in shipping large bags of soil builder. They didn’t give up, though. The team went back to the drawing board with the goal in mind of providing others with the same results they were seeing during their experiments. 

They understood that they needed to reduce the volume of the product without reducing the results. So, they began packaging the Soil Activator that they mixed with the barnyard manures so it can be shipped all over the world!

The team realized that gardeners and farmers could mix Black Wonder 5000 Soil Activator in to the manures they are already using! This made it possible to bring their amazing results to gardens all over the United States! With further development, the Black Wonder 5000 Foliar & Soil Liquid Enzymes was also developed. This product was designed to give plants an extra boost after a healthy topsoil has been created. With these revelations, a product line was born that creates the perfect environment for your plants to grow to their full potential!

David Winters

The soil scientist behind Black Wonder 5000

Meet the soil scientist who helped develop Black Wonder 5000! David has a bachelors degree in Agriculture Science as well as a bachelors degree in Environmental Health Science, both from the University of Georgia. David has worked for companies such as Monrovia Nurseries, John Deere Landscapes, Regal Chemical, and plenty of other landscaping and horticulture companies. 

David is here to help you start your Black Wonder 5000 journey!


Want to learn more about Black Wonder 5000 and how it can help you?

Check out our video where we go in to detail about the product, its origins, and how it can help you build the healthiest garden you’ve ever built!

A great product speaks for itself!

Things have come together to make this garden shine this summer. Perfect amounts of rain, a soil builder called Black Wonder 5000, 2 helpful gardeners and the scary deadline of the Historic Flat Rock garden tour of almost 3 weeks ago. It’s just like painting a picture.

Fabulous stuff!

Marty Whaley Cornwall
Mrs. Whaley’s Garden – Charleston, SC & Flat Rock, NC

I did an experiment on my industrial hemp plants when I set them out at seeds this year. The plant on the left had none of the bagged soil amendment you sent me with the spreader I bought, and the plant on the right had about a cup in the planting hole. If you’ll note, the plant on the right that had your amendment is about 2 or 3 times bigger. Seeds were planted on June 3, and all other soil amendments/ and moisture levels are otherwise the same. Looks like it was worth the effort! I wish I’d hauled more of it out to the field when I planted.

Jeff Swann
Cookeville, TN

I wanted to test out Black Wonder 5000 for myself so, I planted half of my Marigolds with and half without. The results are amazing! I am using this on all the rest of my flowers this year!

Barbara H.
Dunlap, TN

Phlox Subula normally blooms in March and April here. These were planted from one-gallon plants in March 2019 using Black Wonder 5000. They are huge and still blooming months later!

Kenny Suggs
Landscape Contractor – North Topsail Beach, NC