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Whatever landscaping projects you’re managing, using the best soil enhancers can help keep plants healthy and beautiful. You need a solution you can rely on to support plant growth, enrich green lawns and enhance the overall appearance of your landscaping property.

When you need a high-quality, bulk soil conditioner for landscaping projects, choose Black Wonder 5000 as your provider. We offer robust soil amendment solutions that can support plant growth and help you yield premium results and beautifully landscaped grounds. Explore our options for landscaping soil enhancers, and let us help you find the best choice for your needs.

How to Use Soil Amendment for Lawns

If you’re preparing to plant new grass seeds to create a green lawn, you’ll want to combine your soil amendment with the topsoil for the best results. Generally, you should mix 2 quarts of Black Wonder Dry with your fertilizer per acre of property. You can also include lime and add sand if you have heavy clay soil to help improve your lawn growth.

Follow these main steps to apply your amendments:

  1. Mix the fertilizer and Black Wonder combination into the top 6 inches of the dirt.
  2. Level the soil out and rake it to mix it well.
  3. Scatter grass seed across the area you’ve just prepared.
  4. Cover all the areas you seeded with mat and straw to help protect them.
  5. Water the area well and ensure it stays moist throughout the growing period.

Depending on your soil type, you may need to vary your approach slightly. Consult with one of our soil scientists about your soil sample to determine the best method for your unique applications.

Advantages of Bulk Soil Enhancer for Landscaping

Whether you want to use a bulk soil enhancer for a larger landscaping job or a solution for a small plot, Black Wonder 5000 has what you need. Our offerings can provide several crucial advantages for creating beautiful and healthy lawns. Key benefits include:

  • Long-term soil improvements: Using soil enhancers enriches your ground in the present and helps keep it healthier for the future. It’s a long-term investment in the property’s fertility.
  • Increased plant growth: With the proper amendments, you can support more grass and other plant growth, creating thriving properties faster.
  • Better plant protection: When you choose our solution, you’ll get optimized ingredients that help prevent harmful fungus and pests from attacking growing plants.

Our Lawn Soil Amendments for Sale

At Black Wonder 5000, we offer high-quality soil amendments containing naturally derived ingredients. We’re committed to reducing chemical usage in the fertilizer industry. Our solutions are grounded in research we’ve conducted regarding enzymes and how they affect plant growth. When you choose our solutions, you’ll have access to high-performance products proven to maximize your landscaping effectiveness.

Find the Right Soil Amendments for Your Landscaping Needs

Whatever your landscaping requirements, we’re here to help meet your needs. Choose us as your soil amendments suppliers, and let us help you handle key landscaping projects with the right resources. We personalize our offerings to fit your unique soil type and industry, so you get the best value from your purchase. 

For more information on our offerings, reach out to us today.

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