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Supercharge your soil!

Black Wonder 5000 is a line of products designed to bring your dead soil back to life.

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Why Black Wonder 5000?

It takes mother nature 5000 years to create 6 inches of topsoil. With our Black Wonder 5000 Soil Builder or Soil Activator, you can achieve your goal of healthy topsoil depending on how you incorporate in to your soil in 1+ year.

The condition of your soil is our top priority to make the best home for your flowers, plants, lawns, gardens, and farms!

Once you have improved your soil health and you have created a perfect home for your plants, our Black Wonder 5000 Foliar & Soil Liquid Enzymes will help your flowers bloom and your crops produce in abundance! Our results speak for themselves!

The perfect solution for your soil and your plants!

The Wonder in Black Wonder 5000

A Lesson From Our Soil Scientist


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Save money with Black Wonder 5000's Soil Activator by using 30% less fertilizer!

Normal new land fertilizer needs about 10 50lb bags of 18-18-18 (50% slow release nitrogen) at approximately $40 per bag. With Black Wonder 5000 Soil Activator, you only need 7 bags. This is a savings of approximately $70 per acre!

Add 2 quarts of Black Wonder 5000 Soil Activator at the bulk rate of $40 per 1/2 gallon. Save money today and grow better crops tomorrow!

The Black Wonder 5000 plan to better soil and healthier plants

Pouring Black Wonder 5000 Soil Builder

Black Wonder 5000
Soil Builder

If you have low organic matter, generously apply bags of Black Wonder 5000 Soil Builder to increase the organic matter in your soil. This will add all of the essential things that your soil needs to build fertile topsoil. 

Till all of this in to the top 6-8 inches of your soil. You are then ready to plant!

Soil Activator Concentrate in a Bucket

Black Wonder 5000
Soil Activator

If you have high organic matter or if you’re not near a retail store, you can mix our Soil Activator in to your soil or your own compost to get the same results as our Soil Builder!

You can also use this product if you are hydroseeding with other organics or hydro mulch. 

Foliar Liquid Soil Amendment

Black Wonder 5000
Foliar & Soil Liquid Enzymes

Now it is time to apply the last step in the Black Wonder 5000 plan! There are certain plant and soil enzymes that cannot be used in dry spore form and must remain as a liquid. 

Apply our Foliar & Soil Liquid Enzymes to supercharge your soil! 

The Black Wonder 5000 Plan

Follow the Black Wonder 5000 plan outlined in our video series for 3-4 years and you will have great topsoil. You will also be able to use 50% less fertilizer and 50% less Black Wonder 5000 Soil Activator.

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The Greenhouse Plan

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