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Black Wonder 5000 Soil Builder

Founded in the heart of North Carolina, improving topsoil all over the United States!


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A great product speaks for itself!

Things have come together to make this garden shine this summer. Perfect amounts of rain, a soil builder called Black Wonder 5000, 2 helpful gardeners and the scary deadline of the Historic Flat Rock garden tour of almost 3 weeks ago. It’s just like painting a picture.

Fabulous stuff!

Marty Whaley Cornwall
Mrs. Whaley’s Garden – Charleston, SC & Flat Rock, NC

I did an experiment on my industrial hemp plants when I set them out at seeds this year. The plant on the left had none of the bagged soil amendment you sent me with the spreader I bought, and the plant on the right had about a cup in the planting hole. If you’ll note, the plant on the right that had your amendment is about 2 or 3 times bigger. Seeds were planted on June 3, and all other soil amendments/ and moisture levels are otherwise the same. Looks like it was worth the effort! I wish I’d hauled more of it out to the field when I planted.

Jeff Swann
Cookeville, TN

I wanted to test out Black Wonder 5000 for myself so, I planted half of my Marigolds with and half without. The results are amazing! I am using this on all the rest of my flowers this year!

Barbara H.
Dunlap, TN

Phlox Subula normally blooms in March and April here. These were planted from one-gallon plants in March 2019 using Black Wonder 5000. They are huge and still blooming months later!

Kenny Suggs
Landscape Contractor – North Topsail Beach, NC