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Black Wonder 5000 Soil Builder Supercharges Your Soil

Black Wonder 5000 is a line of products designed to bring your dead soil back to life.

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Why Black Wonder 5000?

When you need a soil builder company you can trust to boost your agricultural yield, improve plant health and meet your unique requirements, Black Wonder 5000 is here to help. We offer a range of natural soil amendments, conditioners and enhancers to improve your soil and help your plants grow with a 15%-30% higher yield.

As a company, our mission is to turn dead dirt into living soil. Take a look at what we offer and learn what makes us stand out among soil amendment companies and suppliers.

The Wonder in Black Wonder 5000

Black Wonder 5000 Soil Builder Infographic

Save Money on Fertilizer with Black Wonder 5000

Normal new land fertilizer needs about (10) 50# bags of 18-18-18 (50% slow release nitrogen) at approximatley $40 per bag. with Black Wonder 5000 Enhancer/Activator you only need 7 bags. Saving you approx. $70 per acre.

Adding 2 quarts of Black Wonder 5000 Enhancer/Activato at the cost of bulk rate of $50 per 1/2 Gallon.

Save money today grow better crops tomorrow


Farm Field with Red Barn and Black Wonder 5000 Products

Who We Are

At Black Wonder 5000, we’re here to support everyone from weekend gardeners to farmers of 10,000 acres. Whatever plants you want to grow, we can help you with high-quality, natural ingredients and optimized solutions tailored to your needs. 

We care about the environment and are working to reduce the need for chemicals in the agricultural industry. As a result, our products are fully biodegradable, and everything in the amendments is naturally derived.

Black Wonder 5000 is unique in offering solutions based on our own extensive research about enzymes and how they affect the soil. We maximize the success of our soil amendment with research-backed products proven to enhance plant health and development. Whatever you need to improve your soil, we’ll give you customized and individualized attention. You’ll even get access to soil scientists for a free consultation when we analyze your soil test.

Soil Activator Concentrate in a Bucket

What's in Our Soil Enhancers/Activator?

We’ve created a strategic blend of ingredients in our amendments and enhancers to enhance root strength, protect crops from harmful pests and fungi, and build better plant health. The ingredients in our solution include:

  • Soil enzymes
  • Kelp seaweed extract
  • Beneficial root fungi
  • Nitrogen-fixing inoculants microbes
  • Amino acids
  • Biodegradable polymers
  • Humic acid
  • Lobster and crab shells
  • Gypsum

Why Choose Us as Your Soil Enhancer/Activator Supplier?

Our solutions can provide you with several key benefits:

  • Savings on fertilizer
  • Improved soil for now and the future
  • Less water needed
  • Increased crop yields
  • Decreased fungus and pests
  • Better root system
Purple Cabbage Garden Patch


Partner With Us for Optimized Soil Improvement Solutions

If you’re looking for a trusted solution to support your soil health and plant growth, turn to Black Wonder 5000. Our safe, natural and proven soil amendment products can help you yield the best results from your agricultural efforts. Whatever you’re planting, let us help you get the results you want with the right soil solutions.

To learn more about our offerings and sales process, feel free to explore our product pages and reach out to us today with any questions.

The Black Wonder 5000 plan to better soil and healthier plants

Pouring Black Wonder 5000 Soil Builder

Black Wonder 5000
Soil Builder

If you have low organic matter, generously apply bags of Black Wonder 5000 Soil Builder to increase the organic matter in your soil. This will add all of the essential things that your soil needs to build fertile topsoil. 

Till all of this in to the top 6-8 inches of your soil. You are then ready to plant!

Soil Activator Concentrate in a Bucket

Black Wonder 5000
Soil Enhancer/Activator

If you have high organic matter or if you’re not near a retail store, you can mix our Soil Activator in to your soil or your own compost to get the same results as our Soil Builder!

You can also use this product if you are hydroseeding with other organics or hydro mulch. 

Black Wonder 5000 In Regenerative Organic Farming

Black Wonder 5000

Black Wonder 5000 For Landscape Architects & Civil Engineers

Greenhouse Operations

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